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Created by Phyzome and Tjtrumpet2323.

a/s/g: It's like a/s/l, only more elite.

Let people know your age, sex (well, actually your gender), and graticule with this little template. (Blame chrisinajar for the idea.)



  • Age: Automatically calculated from your provided birthdate.
    • Y, m, and d parameters refer respectively to the year, month, and day of your birthdate.
    • For the privacy-conscious, you can manually set your age: {{ASG|age=23|gender=m|lat=38|lon=-78}}, but don't forget to change it when you get older!
  • Sex: Whatever you put for the gender parameter. For most folks, this will be m or f.
  • Graticule: Presents a link to lat,lon.
  • Float: (optional) - the default is right - left and none are also allowed.


  • If the default userbox-style width of 238px just isn't doing it for you, you may also specify a CSS-valid width parameter, e.g., width=300px or width=27em.
  • If you're using the float argument, and it's floating beside your images (instead of above or below), try adding clear=both. Ask SIGSTKFLT or anyone competent in CSS for help.


  • It will help with stats analysis! We've already got age-grouped categories and some maps and statistics.
  • It's nice to be able to look up someone's username and get some general idea of who and where they are, and what pronouns they might prefer. This just extends that into a standard format.
  • We have an IRC bot (Shmulik) that can use this template to gather information for easy lookup during chat.