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This is under construction by Robyn: not really usable yet.

<This is just a suggestion. Do feel free to reword the boilerplate text and leave out or add any sections as necessary for the proper description of the achievement.>

In order to qualify for the Achievement Description achievement award ... <fill in a description of the conditions that must be met, and any special exceptions or circumstances. It is useful to provide examples of how to win the award or of things people might think qualify for the award but don't really>.


<If you have thought of a number of related achievements you'd like to commemorate, consider making them ranks in the same award, rather than completely separate awards. People can still claim a ribbon for each one>.


In addition to the usual proof required for an achievement, please provide photographs of ...


Link to winning expeditions here.

Geohash Geohasher(s) <Achievement parameter>
2008-05-24 Jeff, Michael, Doug, Jaeger, Humblik, Mike, Celeste, Ryan 9610' / 2929m
2008-05-22 Akedrou 5490' / 1673m


Copy this [[:Template:{{{PAGENAME}}}|template]] onto your user or expedition page and fill in the details to display a ribbon like the one below. {{template:{{{PAGENAME}}}}}