Two to the N achievement

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Big O, 2n

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This user earned the Two to the N achievement
by attempting to reach 2{{{count}}} hashpoints on [[{{{date}}} ]] and is promoted to Level {{{count}}} (Expeditions).

Geohashing lacked achievements for numbers of expeditions and for numbers of co-ordinates reached - until now.

In the spirit of geohashing (nerdy fun) award yourself this ribbon when you set out on your 2N th expedition, giving yourself some "Big Oh" notation.

This award can equally apply to a graticule. Put a link to your graticule page into the "name" field.

There are versions for ...

  • Expeditions
  • Coordinates reached
  • Global expeditions
  • Global coordinates reached

How the counting works ...

  • 20: Claim this for your virgin expedition.
  • 21: Claim this for your second expedition.
  • 24: 16 expeditions - addiction risk.
  • 28: Wow - 256 expeditions! At the time of writing two geohashers have achieved this.
  • 29: At the time of writing NWoodruff is the closest needing only 26 expeditions. Is that a challenge by any chance? Achieved 2017-09-19 by NWoodruff

It's very easy for beginners to claim "Levels" progressing quickly from "Level 0" to "Level 3" so it's hardly worth claiming the ribbon unless its a global hash. "Level 4" and above get more interesting and disproportionately harder to achieve.

If you'd like nerdy a ribbon for your 100th expedition, you can set N to 6.64385618977472 or just use the gratuitous ribbon.