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Geohashing Poster Tool

Since I had made my first poster/marker, I had planned to automate the task. For a while, PDF posters were available from the Active Geohasher website, but as of May 2013 it has been down ("Offline for Maintenance") for several months. So I relaunched the project from scratch, and here is the result.


Posters are available from the following URL:[date]_[lat]_[lon]

eg for today's hash in 46,6, go to

Minimal globalhash support is also available:[date]_global

eg for today's globalhash, go to

=> Basically, just use the same address as the expedition page, but replace the hostname and path by The syntax that was used by Active Geohasher is also supported (with / as separator instead of a space/underscore).

From an expedition page, you can link to the poster like this:

 [{{FULLPAGENAME}} Poster for this expedition]

The QR code will link to the corresponding expedition page. You are encouraged to put some sort of welcome message for people who would visit the page after having found the poster in the wild. This can be achieved for instance by adding the "Advert" template to the top of the expedition page and its talk page:


This will add the following banner to the expedition page (and a slightly different one to the talk page):

Have you seen our geohashing marker? We'd love to hear from you! Click here to say "hi" and tell us what you've seen!

Curious about what geohashing is? Read more!


The tool builds upon work made by others, as well as several online services:


Your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome! Please use the talk page.