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Hello. My name is Alex, I am currently a student at Purdue University studying Civil Engineering with an emphasis in structures. I try to make it out to hash points in Indiana whenever I have the time, which tends to only be on weekends during the school year. Usually accompanying me is my girlfriend Jessi.

I like long walks on the beach and anything with alcohol in it.

Successful Expeditions

3. Arrow2.png 2010-09-19 40 -86 - A state park just North of Lafayette. It's not corn! Hooray!
2. Arrow2.png 2010-04-17 40 -86 - A cornfield just Southeast of Lafayette. What were the chances?
1. Arrow2.png 2010-04-10 40 -86 - A cornfield just Northwest of Thorntown. Probably the only one in Indiana.

Achievements Earned

Alex earned the GeoTrash Geohash Achievement
by cleaning up the (40, -86) geohash on 2010-04-17.
Alex earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (40, -86) geohash on 2010-04-10.
Alex earned the Picnic achievement
by eating triscuits and drunk pineapple at the (40, -86) geohash on 2010-04-10.
by paying $6.00 to access the (40, -86) geohash on 2010-09-19.