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Location: Copenhagen graticule (55 12)

Main reason for going geohashing: Photography.

My expeditions may therefore turn out to be a long list of unreached hashes, simply because I'm inclined to visit hashes that are unreachable, just because the area looks inviting on Google. When 60% of your graticule is water, and the rest is in Sweden, you can't afford to be too picky ;)

I might not post about all of them, though.

I mostly do solo expeditions, since I'm usually preoccupied with the camera. Solo expeditions will not be announced in advance.

I will occasionally be open to group events, especially tries for the Water Geohash Achievement, after all there´s a 60% chance of getting wet, anyway. Besides, a pirate flag would be nice. I have some sailing experience but no boat.

No Facebook.



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Web Comics

Completely unrelated to geohashing, I know, but I will stick to the "geek" theme, so I hope it's ok.

There are a lot of free webcomics available. Here's a couple of them that I like:


Our dear host and inventor. Needs no further presentation. One of my favorite xkcd: Poisson

Or how about this assault on Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven?

Being a dedicated amateur photographer, I find this hilarious.

Girl Genius


Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio. A breathtaking high-paced graphical steampunk novel about: Adventure, Romance and Maaaaaad Science.

Imagine a world ruled by mad scientists from mighty castles deeply embedded in the mountains or from magnificent airships soaring high above the ground, and then you have the shortest possible description of the universe the Foglios cook up for their readers. 900 pages and it just keeps coming every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Action, horror, adventure, romance and hilarious comedy all in one. Kills more than one rainy day.

Got my Link Appreciation Wallpaper from - Yay!