2008-07-16 55 12

From Geohashing
Wed 16 Jul 2008 in Copenhagen:
55.7884753, 12.2828229

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Hash: 55.788475, 12.282822

Closest town: Ganløse

Surroundings: Public road, fields.

Expeditions: J0e

The geohash for 2008-07-16 55 12 was located at the Almagerbakke/Råhøjvej intersection near Ganløse.


There's really not much to tell about today's expedition. A gravel covered dirt road and a wheat field and nothing more. The hash was located at the edge of the field right beside the intersection and not particularly hard to find, and GPS assistance was not needed.

Well, ask Murphy, and he will tell you that in such a case, a cranky old GPS like "Old Yeller" will work like a charm. It did, and the drift was within a couple of meters.

There's a bog area called Oremosen and a forest in the area, but it got rather late, so I didn't have time to check it out as I was running out of light.

Apparently no-one else showed up.

J0e earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (55, 12) geohash on 2008-07-16.
2008-07-16 55 12 gps.JPG