2021-01-10 42 -79

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Sun 10 Jan 2021 in 42,-79:
42.6277510, -79.0736991

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Just off Orange St in Lake Erie Beach (Angola)



When the Hashpoints were published for the weekend, I saw this should be very reachable, and the plan would be to just drive over at some point. But then in talking with J, she sounded interested in going and since the Hashpoint was about halfway to Fredonia, we could pick up her last required hike for the Winter Hiking Challenge. This was perfect as I wasn't planning on taking the dogs to this Hash anyway and this hike didn't allow dogs.

After a lazy Sunday morning, we packed up the car and headed out. I knew the way to the hash as it was in a 'Cottage' neighborhood where a friend's family had some property. Their cottage is a bunch of streets over though. Getting there was uneventful and with J driving, I was navigating. We found Orange St and drove to the end by the hash and did a U-Turn so we were on the right side of the road. Sitting in the car, I had a reading of about 10 feet which was ok, but I rolled down the window and stuck my phone out as far as I could reach. I wasn't ready to take another screenshot, but I saw about 4 feet to go before capturing just under 8 feet. I then took the standard pictures of the side of the road before we continued on to the hike.

It was a good day overall, but I have to say the weirdest thing we saw was a dilapidated house near the hike with a Trump flag, missing windows and just inside the door was a Michael Myers mask (also wearing a mask). We stopped on the way home to take a picture it was that weird.



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