2022-01-08 53 9

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Sat 8 Jan 2022 in 53,9:
53.6796599, 9.8860768
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on a muddy field in Bönningstedt, Schleswig-Holstein



First hash of the year! Let's see if I can match 2021's average of one hash a week in 2022.

For this one, I took the train to Hasloh and then cycled 3.9 km in the 3° cold, the last stretch on a boggy field track. The hash lay on a huge meadow of grass, but it was so plashy that I had to skirt around the wettest parts and walk the 180 m in a wiggly line. I hashdanced for a bit, found the spot, and took some photos with Jackie & Eagle as well as of a big white bird nearby, possibly a great egret. I made my way back to my bike and decided I had enough time to cycle to Bönningstedt station, which was nearly the same distance from the hash as Hasloh, but the going on the mud path was so slow that I decided on the way to cycle back to Hasloh instead to be safe. This was probably the right choice because I arrived at the station when the train had already departed from Bönningstedt. The sun had already set and it became dark during the ride back.


will follow shortly (10 pictures)


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