2022-01-14 31 121

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Fri 14 Jan 2022 in 31,121:
31.1085847, 121.5222623
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Somewhere off an unnamed road, next to an unmapped river (or is it a pond?) in Minhang district, Shanghai.




I checked the hash coordinate in the morning. It seemed reachable by public transport, an hour of metro and 5 minutes of bus should be able to take me close to the hashpoint.


Left home at about 2:30pm, took the metro as shown below.

This brought me to the not-so-urban area of Shanghai (and I had never been here before). It was a 5-minute walk from the metro station to the bus station. I saw a few people waiting for buses there.

Alright. (One of) the worst thing about general buses in China is that, they don't have a timetable for when buses arrive at a station. In the urban area of Shanghai, they do have a TV screen displaying when the next bus arrives, but this station doesn't have it (also, it is not really accurate). I still remeber one day, when I was in middle school and was taking the bus home. The screen kept saying that the bus would arrive in 5 minutes, but it took like 50 minutes until the bus finally arrived.

And... I decided to walk to the hashpoint. It was a nice walk, until...

It took about 30 minutes to get to the unnamed road.

I checked my GPS, and I had to get off the road to get to the hashpoint. It was a bit tricky because the hashpoint was near a river, but I managed to get there.

It was not even 5pm when I reached the hashpoint, and I thought it was definitely to early to go home straight away, so... I went Geocaching! But even the nearest cache is like 10km away, so I guess I am not getting an achievement for this :(

Here's the cache I found


LZ earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (31, 121) geohash on 2022-01-14.
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LZ earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (31, 121) geohash on 2022-01-14 using public transit.
Destination station 2022-01-14 31 121.jpg