2022-01-16 42 -75

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Sun 16 Jan 2022 in 42,-75:
42.4869508, -75.1532926
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In the woods, just off Sullivan Rd in Otego, NY



Back in December, the Girlfriend and I decided instead of getting each other presents, we would take a long-weekend trip in January to get away for a bit. That was this weekend and we went to Cooperstown, NY (home of the Baseball Hall of Fame). J found a really cool experience where we stayed at the Cooperstown Inn and on Saturday evening, we got picked up and taken to the Ommegang Brewery for a Beer tasting and dinner with beer pairing each course. It was brutally cold on Saturday (high of 3° F/-16° C), so we spent the morning at the Baseball Hall of Fame and then the early afternoon at a tour/tasting at the Cooperstown Distillery.

This morning, it still started out in the negative range fahrenheit so we really didn't want to go hiking, but I saw that there was an opportunity to get to this Geohash. There was even a street-view that didn't show any Posted signs. It was a little out of the way for the way home, but J found a brewery on the way that wasn't open yet, but was supposed to open at 11 according to Google. Hitting the hash first would be just about perfect. We packed up our stuff and were on our way to the hash a little after 10:00.

Finding our way with no trouble, J didn't want to go with me, so she waited in the car while I hopped out with the HashDroid app running on my phone. I had a good reading almost immediately, even though I was still 45 feet/14 meters away and still on the road due to poor reception. However, I wanted a closer reading so I stepped into the woods and the accuracy tightened, but I was still easily able to get down to a very accurate reading with virtually no GPS dance. Getting a couple pictures, I was able to add not only a new Graticule to my list, but increase my coverage of New York State. Due to poor phone signal, my weather app wasn't updating so I got an inaccurate reading there (with the location still set for Cooperstown an hour earlier).

Getting back to the car, we found that the brewery was actually not opening until noon, so we decided to just start heading for home and stop somewhere else on the way. Stopping for gas, I was able to get better proof for the Frozen hash, even if we were a town over. Ended up stopping at Young Lions Brewing in Canandaigua for a sampling of beer and a giant soft pretzel for a late lunch.



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