2022-05-12 51 9

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Thu 12 May 2022 in 51,9:
51.2453924, 9.5161617
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In a forest north east of Dörnhagen




After work, I will drive to Dörnhagen and do a nice walk to the hash. I'll be there around 2:45 pm I guess...


As planned, I drove to and through Dörnhagen and parked my car at the 'Schwarzer Markt' Wanderparkplatz and went for a nice walk on the so called Energieweg Söhre (which means something like Energypath Söhre, the latter part being the name for the wooded area east of Kassel, the Söhrewald). This is a 5 kilometer path which leads along 5 huge wind turbines (140 meters in height) and having information about climate change, renewable energy etc. at each of the 5 stations. Those stations were part of a so called Adventure Lab Cache, where one has to answer a question at each station, to find one geocache at the end of the tour (as a bonus so to say)... So, today I combined two hobbys, starting with the geohash, which happened to be only 250 meters from the parking lot...

I walked some 180 meters on a gravel path and had to go straight into the forest for the final 70 meters. The vegetation was quite rampant but still it was easy to find a way through the thorny bushes and after a little hash dance I located the hash as being an old tree trunk. Made some pics for proof and then returned to get back on the path and did the 5 km tour subsequently...

At the end, I also managed to find the geocache so the day was quite ok for me!