2008-10-13 40 -110

From Geohashing
Mon 13 Oct 2008 in 40,-110:
40.6829972, -110.8663365

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Pardey: This was my second geohash (and my second on 2008-10-13). I had an errand to run near this hashpoint, so I decided to go for it. It was about 7 miles up a rather bumpy road, but my trusty truck made it just fine. The point itself was just east of a small lake, which can be seen in some of the photos. In a blatant attempt to gather the maximum number of achievements, I brought a pirate costume, but due to the chilly weather and the fading light, I didn't put it on. I also picked up some litter on the way out.


Pardey: Along with 2008-10-13 40 -111, This geohash contributed to a Multihash Achievement. Also, as far as I can tell this is the first geohash within the Duchesne, Utah graticule, earning me the Virgin Graticule Achievement. Furthermore, the picking up of the litter qualifies me for the Geotrash Geohash Achievement. As noted above, I brought a pirate costume, but did not wear it. I also had food, colorful cutlery and snow, so the Picnic and Snowman achievements were within reach as well. Perhaps next time.