2008-11-08 53 7

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Sat 8 Nov 2008 in 53,7:
53.1282440, 7.0973623

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Arvid didn't really feel like cycling a lot, but this is in the Netherlands in this graticule, which isn't all that likely, and the weather certainly isn't an excuse.

So the weatherforecast was sunny and dry, with wind from the south. The wind will become stronger at the end of the afternoon and at the beginning of the evening.

The hash looked a lot like the other hash I did in the province of Groningen just over a month ago. It looked like a field, with nothing in the neighbourhood. Not really a place to spend a lot of time.


  • Cycled 228.0km
  • Crossed a border, but that wasn't strictly a necessary part of the trip. Although it was definitely shorter.



I started cycling at 10:23. The route and plan are very similar to 2008-10-18 53 7. Since today was a bit(10km) further, I started 45 minutes earlier. This wasn't very necessary, since I arrived near the hash at 15:10. I planned on staying in the near village of Blijham if I was early, so I could sit out of the wind. But I missed a turn there, so I just went on.

The hash itself was easily reached in the field. I also found a balloon with a card attached to it while walking in the field to the hash. The balloon came from a place about 80km more west. I'll go send it back, and tell them how I found it.

Since I wanted this to be a saturday 4pm hash, I waited around the hashpoint. Since there wasn't a real shelter, I sat in the grass near the canal, just below the normal ground surface. There was this choice of: out of the wind, in the sunlight, a dry spot. Pick two.

Anyway, at 16:02 I started cycling back again. The expected strong wind was only at the first part. There was no noticeable wind until I was back in the Netherlands again. I expected to arrive home around 22:00, but I was there an hour earlier.