Emden, Germany

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Groningen, Netherlands Emden Bremen
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According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is:

48.45%	Fields
45.67%	Water
1.79%	Roads
1.46%	Settlements
1.44%	Forests
0.77%	Highways
0.41%	Natural reserves

Recent Expeditions

For all expeditions in this graticule, see Emden, Germany/Expeditions.
Arrow2.png 2018-09-04 - Fippe - located on a corn field near Westerstede-Ocholterfeld.
Arrow2.png 2017-05-03 - Kerko - A glade in a forest near Westerstede.
Arrow2.png 2015-07-30 - LadyBB, Mampfred, EmmJay - On a windy fild in northern germany.
Arrow2.png 2013-03-03 - Elwingelfje - Near the village of Vlagtwedde
Arrow4.png 2012-08-10 - Hijackal, Frizzy - In a field south of Ostrhauderfehn
Arrow2.png 2008-11-08 - Arvid - Tracklog I started cycling at 10:23. The route and plan are very similar ...
Arrow2.png 2008-10-18 - Arvid - Tracklog There was backwind on the way to the hash, and headwind back, as ...