2009-01-01 30 -81

From Geohashing
Thu 1 Jan 2009 in Jacksonville:
30.3784381, -81.8331568
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This was our (Woodveil) first attempted geohash and it was successful. My brother and I decided to go for it the night before, and so we set out around 8:00 in the morning. Getting to the location involved exploring the north westside, near Pritchard Road. The final leg was driving about three quarters of a mile down an ostensibly-private dirt road, followed by a few hundred feet on foot through some woods. Thankfully there was a trail. The location itself was a few yards away from some railroad tracks, and we used them in conjunction with a treeline and Google maps to find the spot as best we could. (The only batteries on the trip were in Nick's first gen iPhone, used strictly for the map image, so No Batteries Geohash honorable mention?) We took some pictures, picked up some trash and a Green Geohash ribbon, wrote "xkcd" in the dirt, and left.



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