2009-01-25 36 -78

From Geohashing
Sun 25 Jan 2009 in 36,-78:
36.0374503, -78.4350494

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We’ve had a busy weekend cutting firewood and target practicing, so we couldn’t venture far in our Geohash quests. But this one was close and fairly accessible, or at least it appeared so on Google Earth.

We headed out after church services and were able to park on the shoulder of the road due north of the hash. After thoroughly soaking our feet in the many “just above freezing” creeks and bogs, we reached the hash in the midst of thorns and saplings on the side of a small hill. Who else would be thrilled at this point except geohashers?

We reveled in our victory only briefly before making our way back out and to the road. Guess who forgot to bring spare shoes – which we always do? We then picked up trash along the road side for about 10 minutes, and sadly filled up a kitchen-sized garbage bag.


Eisen & Bear - NCBears

Geological Features

Rolling topography with subdivisions and small farms. Geohash was located ~200m inside relatively new-growth woods on other side of wetlands.

Wildlife Encounters

Sparrows, barking dog across road. Saw several small deer footy prints around creek.


Low 34.7°F/1.5°C, overcast.