2009-01-29 -34 138

From Geohashing
Thu 29 Jan 2009 in -34,138:
-34.7677207, 138.7996902

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Photos will be up shortly.


300m down the track from the airfield in the bushland near Kersbrook.


UnwiseOwl, rushing from work to dinner.

Narrative (by UnwiseOwl (third person is stupid))

It has been a long time since I've had the chance to go geohashing. So when the power went down at work due to extreme temperatures (the second day in a row over 45C), I was in my car and away to the foothills accompanied by the hot wind in my hair and the sound of frying traffic lights.

After some minor confusion (I need to learn to read maps some time) and eventually approaching to hashsite from the opposite direction than I had planned, I jumped out of my car, grabbed my trusty thermometer, and headed down the red dust track past an airfield that is best described as 'optimistic'.

Since everyone else is doing it and out of sympathy for my suffering Northern Hemisphere colleagues, I rugged up properly at the hash site, and stood around trying to shiver while I marked the ground. One thing I have learned is that shivering is tricky when it's 42C in the shade and there's no shade to speak of.

Unfortunately, there was no-one around to share my triumph with apart from the kangaroos, who didn't stay to chat, so I claimed the hottest geohash solo and trudged back up the hill and off to dinner.

Ribbons Earnt

UnwiseOwl earned the Hot geohash achievement
by reaching the (-34, 138) geohash on 2009-01-29 while the temperature was 42°C in the shade.