Hot geohash achievement

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Template:Hot geohash

This user earned the Hot geohash achievement
by reaching the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]] while the temperature was {{{temperature}}}.

Copy this template to your user page and fill in the details to display the ribbon for this achievement. You may continue to display the ribbon after someone else has usurped your record with a hotter geohash.

Take this award and add yourself to this page if you reach geohash coordinates at which you can prove the temperature exceeded that of the current record, given below.

Current record holder

  • Thomcat stopped in the middle of the day in the middle of the desert in the middle of a heatwave - 2009-07-31_47_-120 hit 124°F (aka 51°C).

Previous Winners

If you can beat the heat experienced by the above expedition, copy it to this section and replace the above with a link to your own expedition, including proof of the temperature.

  • UnwiseOwl somehow resisted evaporation in 48°C heat in his Adelaide geohash, but will claim 42 as the shade temperature and therefore the heat to beat.


A photograph of a thermometer at your geohash would be appropriate proof. Weather reports aren't really applicable because they usually show the daily high at the airport, and we don't know if your geohash took place in the hottest part of the day, and it probably wasn't at the airport.

Honorable Mentions

If you get close to the record without beating it, or can't supply proof of your Hot Geohash, you may rate an Honorable Mention.

  • mykaDragonBlue measured at least 50°C (122°F) in the sun, and up to 48°C (118.4°F) in the shade on the way to his Melbourne East geohash. Unfortunatly he couldn't get proof, and it had cooled down by the time he arrived at the geohash anyway. He drank a lot of water on the way, and didn't catch fire, unlike a lot of the state.