2009-02-07 -37 145

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Sat 7 Feb 2009 in -37,145:
-37.9706489, 145.2761965
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The Place

Reema Reserve, Endeavour Hills.

Who went


The Plan

Well, I'd been wanting to go a hashing and since I had nothing else to do, and the hash appeared to be within riding distance of a train station, I thought I'd have a go. Yes it was a slightly hot day, but then I'd rather be hot and sweaty while doing something interesting than while hanging around at home (not a jot of cooling to be had).

The plan was, a short ride to the station, then catch a train into the city. From there, another train to Hallam, and a ride to the hash. I was expecting some delays, since there were bound to be train cancellations in the heat. I stocked up on water, and got ready to go.

The Execution

The whole thing was almost cancelled during the planning phase, when I went outside at one point. It was, as previously mentioned, a tad warm. But I figured "I'm a stubborn guy, its time I started acting like it!". With that thought, I packed plenty of water (4 litres) and got on with it.

I missed the first train at Fairfield by seconds, so I rode down to Clifton Hill where a couple of lines converge, on the principle that there should be more trains there. That may have been the case, but it was still a 30 minute wait due to cancellations. My old phone has a temperature readout, so I'd brought it along out of interest. It read 50°C in the sun as the train arrived at 3:35-ish (and would probably have gone higher if I'd left it longer).

The journey planner had suggested changing at Parliament station, so I did. After another 20 minutes at Parliament, we were simply told to all jump on the next train and head over to Flinders st, where we could find our desired services. Thank Journey Planner (although in hindsight, I should have foreseen that one). At least it was cooler underground.

At flinders st it was a balmy 44°C on the old phono-thermo-meter, but steadily rose, until it read 48°C in the shade at one point. ( initially I thought this must have been an inaccuracy in the phone, although checking later indicates that it is entirely possible ). Finally I caught a train out to Hallam station.

(Unfortunately, trying to take a photo of an old phone's tiny text with a new phone didn't work out that well, so no proof on that one. also, it wasn't at the hash.)

By the time I was passing Huntingdale, the wind outside the train was cooler, promising a nicer journey home. By Dandenong it was quite cool out.

The final 5 kilometers was ridden with an annoying side wind and a couple of unexpectedly steep hills (who'd have thought, hills in a place called Endeavour Hills). Eventually I found the park, and used old-fashioned navigation skills (and a nice close-up of the hash location I prepared earlier) to find the Hash to within a metre or so.

I placed a temporary marker there, pencil on a small rock.

After hanging around for a while, enjoying the breeze and the grass, I started back when it was approaching 7pm. Interestingly, rain was attempting to fall.

There was no train at Hallam, and the completely deserted station indicated that one had probably been through not too long ago, so I decided to ride the extra few Km to Dandenong, where once again, two train lines converge. I Found a nice cool train, with only a fifteen minute wait, and headed back to the city. At this point I had about half a litre of water remaining, and was still drinking to regain lost fluids.

Fortunately, even though their timetables were completely stuffed, the trains were at least running at full speed on the way home, so the trip was much quicker. a short and not unpleasant cycle in the dark finished the trip off nicely.

As silly as it was to go out today (especially given how close I 've now discovered Sunday's Hash is to me), it was quite rewarding getting there against given the circumstances.

I'm not sure if my geospacial method of locating the hash is proofy-accuraty enough for everyone, but its dang well good enough for me! ( at least this time )