2009-02-11 66 21

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Wed 11 Feb 2009 in 66,21:
66.8650157, 21.1767613
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The hashpoint was 60 m from the Purnu-Nattavaara road in the Gällivare municipality.

the ru

  • Distance travelled: 339 km
  • Reindeers almost collided with: 2

I started out around 7 PM. The two hour drive to the hash was completely uneventful. I passed through the usual places along E10. Now, there are two roads connecting the village of Purnu with E10. On the way there I took the northern route (passing through Sadjem and some other places I don't remember the names of), on the way back the northeastern.

I didn't bring any skis on this expedition, so when the GPS reported the hash being 59 m from the road, I thought "close enough" and called it a night.

No, really, I walked/crawled through the waist-deep snow to reach the hash. I should be declared insane, but I made it.

I would have taken some amazing pictures of the moonlit forest, but I fail at photography. I'm not sure how cold it was - the thermometer I bought recently seems to be displaying incorrect values (which leads me to suspect it was really much colder at my 2009-02-08 67 20 hash, but there isn't much to do about that now).

I'm usually only passing through this area, so I made some short detours to check out nearby places of interest. I was home by midnight.

the ru earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (66, 21) geohash on 2009-02-11.
2009-02-11 66 21 gps.jpg