2009-03-14 36 -79

From Geohashing
Sat 14 Mar 2009 in 36,-79:
36.5407367, -79.1119046

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We wanted to do something whimsical for Pi Day. So, we were tickled to find Relet’s idea of a Pie Achievement where you are rewarded for “baking a pie for other people to degustate” at the hash…degustate?!! What? Do you Germans have some kind of thesaurus for obscure words to prove you know English better than Americans?  :-P

With that in mind, Bear and my sister, GreenDragon, baked a cherry pie for us last night. We left home right after lunch, but after enduring a hour of squeaky windshield wipers, we found a Wal-Mart and bought some replacements. I installed them quickly in the parking lot and the rest of the ride was considerably quieter. We passed the Roxboro power plant. and then headed due north towards the NC/VA line.

We saw a larger turkey near the road as we approached the hash, but he was none to happy to strike a photogenic pose. Since the shoulder of the road was too soft from two days of rain, we parked at a gravel pull-off at the state line. We then trudged down towards the hash and hopped into the woods. The GPS seemed to have a difficult time with all the rain, clouds, and trees, but we made our hash, snapped some pictures, and headed back to eat the Pi(e) Day pie in the dry pickup truck. We waited until 1610 then drove home.


Eisen & Bear - NCBears

Geological Features

Rolling farmland just south of the North Carolina / Virginia border. Geohash was located ~50 meters from edge of road, just inside new growth woods.

Wildlife Encounters

Farm animals – chickens, goats, horses, cattle

Wild – Turkey and lots of other birds


43.7°F/6.5°C, rain, light wind, miserable