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Sat 18 Jul 2009 in 49,-123:
49.9482294, -123.0370804

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Along the shore of Garibaldi Lake about a mile from the west tip of the lake. This location is accessible via a hiking trail that starts at the Squamish Highway.



Leave Vancouver about eight or nine am to drive to Squamish. Hike the trail. Possibly paddle on air mattresses/inflatable airplane to the exact point. The lake is probably too cold for sustained swimming. Or it might be very refreshing!

The distance is about 1.3 km, which is child's play in a kayak, but challenging in a stupid inflatable rowboat which has a slow leak and is rated for up to 220 lbs (dangerously close to Wade's weight). However, when considering the combined effort of carrying the kayak plus using the kayak, vs. carrying the toy boat and using it, the boat seems to be the winner. We'll bring the boat, the inflatable airplane, a wetsuit and flippers for Robyn, and then decide in situ which to use.

After sleeping on it, we have decided that bold as that plan is, we will not implement it. Instead Wade will buy proper hiking boots and therefore go on a shorter hike in the Lynn Canyon area. Sorry Internet.

Would anyone like to meet us for this alternate location? We're going to eat breakfast, wander out and find some boots for Wade then go to the park. It's not really geohashing, unless we happen to meet you.


We did go for the hike, and T-Rex went too, but as we were nowhere near the coordinates, it wasn't geohashing, so I'll leave this one as planning. There's probably some consolation prize we can get for it.

Yeah, it should be the "did not bother" consolation ribbon. I was thinking of designing that a while ago, but ... Wade