2009-08-01 50 -2

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Sat 1 Aug 2009 in 50,-2:
50.8330528, -2.1372207

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In a roadside field corner near Blandford Forum

This seems to have a good chance of being a pub hash too, given that the Charlton Inn is nearby. :) I suggest that anyone wishing to join me/us meet in the car park of this pub, as it's a really short walk to the hash point. We could get dinner there too afterwards, probably :)



Macronencer - probably won't make it for 4pm unfortunately, as I double-booked with an afternoon barbecue! However, if anyone else is going, I might see them later (about 5 or 6pm at the earliest, possibly 7). At least the rain is supposed to stop by then!
04housemat & Mahahahaneapneap - probably get there for 1930, cycling from fleetsbridge (poole). Matt doesn't finish work until 1830.



I got to the pub just after 7 and had to wait a while for the other two, but it was a pleasant evening and very enjoyable to loiter in such a nice village. I got a couple of photos. It was my first time meeting Matt and Alistair and as this was also a Saturday meetup (albeit a late one), it was great to be expanding the South Coast geohashing network further. We walked down to the hash point, which was right on the corner of a cattle field. It was so near the hedge that it was not necessary to brave the raptors, so instead we busied ourselves with various photos, juggling, and litter-picking.

We went back to the pub and said hello to some cows before sitting down for our pub hash drinks and a nice chat. They were nice guys, and I really enjoyed talking to them, which I found a pleasant relief, considering I'm literally old enough to be their dad and was slightly worried that we wouldn't get along :)

It was a very successful meetup I think, and has given us all a virgin graticule achievement (unless someone knows different?), pub hash and geotrash achievements, and in my case another flag for my minesweeper progress chart!

Thanks for making the effort, both of you - and I hope you got home OK in the dark.


I finished work at 1830 and went to the nearby tesco at fleetsbridge to meet Ali as arranged at 1845. Ali was late, and we then bought batteries for his bike lights for the return journey. We cycled to the pub where we met Mike in the car park. It was great to meet another hasher and have a chat, aswell as gaining a multitude of achievements.

Fantastic to meet mike, we share a fare few intrests which was nice, and conversation was interesting. I believe we owe you a drink Mike!

The route home was long and darkness soon fell on us. We stopped off at a friends in sturminster marshall, on the way home, just to say hello, before endeavoring to locate a chip shop. Unfortunatly when we did, it was closed. I somehow managed to fall off of my stationary bike after I stopped at the chippy, and gashed my knee, leg and ankle.

A great evening!



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