2010-07-05 35 -105

From Geohashing
Mon 5 Jul 2010 in 35,-105:
35.4697853, -105.7430819

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In a stand of pinons in the tract of National Forest land south of the town of Pecos



I knew I had the day free and wanted to hang out with the family, so I was looking to see what hashes would be doable. The local one was close, but on Zia land. Santa Fe was the next logical choice because it was close enough and looked moderately accessible. The dirt roads to get to a particular spot are always a bit of a wildcard, but I figured it was worth a try. At the very worst, we'd find ourselves out in a pretty spot to spend the day.


Got in a decent run first thing this morning, then was moving slowly so we didn't get out the door with the family until after 9:30a. The drive up to Santa Fe was uneventful enough, although traffic was a little heavier than usual. I attribute that to the holiday weekend hangover. We got headed south on the county road that approached the hash from the west side, but came to a couple of dead ends at private property that blocked access to the National Forest land. Went back to the highway and drove around to the west side and found much easier access to the National Forest land, but had to go about twice as far on the dirt roads to get to the hash. Thankfully they were in decent shape, despite the foot deep ruts in the road just off the pavement (the rest of the road was MUCH better). We were able to drive to about a quarter mile away from the hash, then set out overland with two toddlers to get to the actual spot. Coordinates reached!


Check out the track here.