2010-07-30 52 0

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Fri 30 Jul 2010 in 52,0:
52.0236281, 0.1898671

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On the side of a small road west of Saffron Walden.



This one looked accessible, but is a little far from home for me to ordinarily bother. However, I was going to be not more than about ten miles away from the hashpoint for work that day, so I decided to pop down during my lunchbreak instead.

Turned out pretty much as per the plan. At 09:36 I began my lunchbreak (I start work at around 6:00, so 9:30 is a fairly normal time for my lunch!) and turned onto the A11 South at Fulbourn. I turned off it before the A11 turned into the M11, and drove through Great Chesterford and Littlebury, and by 09:55 I was parked in a small layby about 70m from the hashpoint. I walked up the road with the remains of my sandwiches, and found a very small ditch (about six inches deep) and a few metres of scrub between the road and the field. The hashpoint was in this, so no need to trample any crops.

Geohash found, photos taken and I retraced my steps up the A11. Total mission time: 45 minutes.


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