2010-09-24 45 -122

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The hashpoint is at the end of the driveway, right outside the garage door.
Fri 24 Sep 2010 in 45,-122:
45.4625043, -122.6475788

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Somebody's driveway, in Sellwood.



Expedition 5000

Having a free morning and one of the last dry, warm days of the year, it was a no-brainer to gather bike, camera, GPS gadget, and hashcot, and hie myself down to Sellwood.

The hashpoint is at the end of somebody's driveway. I'm claiming it under the following house rule, which I have noticed other people tacitly using and which seems perfectly reasonable to me:

If the hashpoint is on a standard size urban residential lot, AND is either visible from the street or sidewalk or is inside a building that is visible from the street or sidewalk, AND I can take a picture of it: I am there.

It was a 12.1 mile round trip on the bike, southward winding through the neighborhoods and homebound up the Willamette River Trail and eventually through the rose gardens in Ladd's Addition.

Expedition Two

Jim went out to Sellwood to see what he could see. He arrived there, and it was late. He eventually went up to the door to knock to see if he could get permission to approach the garage, but didn't get any answer. So he gave up and went home, forgetting that he was going to go hear music at the Edgefield since he was on that side of town.