2011-04-09 49 -123

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Sat 9 Apr 2011 in 49,-123:
49.3338518, -123.1192604

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An accessible forested area in West Vancouver. It's just west of the Capilano River, metres from the access road to a public park.



We asked the public transit website how to get there and it didn't know, probably because there are no bus stops nearby in West Vancouver and its calculation didn't allow it to consider the most convenient bus stop, which is in North Vancouver, a different municipality, and across a deep ravine with a river, but we saw a bridge with a pedestrian sidewalk and that was enough planning.


It was an expedition almost unVancouverlike in its simplicity. The bus came when it should and went where it was supposed to, as did the bridge, the subsequent trail and the requisite fifteen metres of brambles and uphill. The pictures tell the story.

The immediate area was more like a municipal depot for large rocks, earth and shredded trees than a conventional park. We found out from a couple of guys who were sitting on top of a pile of rocks watching a cricket game in a more conventional part of the park that it was reclaimed land from what had been a garbage dump.