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Fri 17 Feb 2012 in 50,11:
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On a hopefully frozen field on a hill between Eineborn and the freeway.



This was a fairly unplanned afterwork expedition: I started in darkness at 6pm and only because I had a blister on my foot that prevented me from my evening run. Well prepared as ever I brought neither bike tools nor pump nor any food-or-drink-shaped energy. Surprisingly everything turned out well just like that, so I won't even learn from my mistakes.

The snow in the city had all melted down in the course of the week, so I was fairly optimistic there would be no problems on the way to the hash. I used the cycleway to Lobeda and on to Stadtroda, and apart from a small frozen stretch behind Gernewitz nothing was disturbing me but my freezing toes (yeah, always the same problem). I don't like that route very much, so I don't go there too often and accordingly the way from Stadtroda on was mostly new to me. Additionally, this was the creepy part: it was dark, the batteries from my bike lights were frozen (even though the temperature should've been well above freezing point) so I didn't have too much light myself and really nothing else could be seen. Small villages passed by every few kilometers, then there was that really scary dark homestead (Tälermühle?) where you could shoot horror movies, and in between I was thankful for every overtaking car that reassured me there was life left in this deserted land out here.

Finally and far too late I arrived at Eineborn and struggled up the hill to the Geohash - of course it was on top of the hill and of course the way there was frozen so I had to walk my bike (after almost falling). The rest was quite uneventful; there was a snowy/muddy field and my bike lights weren't too bright, so I stepped into some muddy puddles, too. Finally arrived at the point near the freeway, took the usual photos and hurried back home. Since I had not eaten so much before my trip and had nothing with me, I already counted down the kilometers until I'd hit the wall, but surprisingly it didn't happen and I came home far too late but alive and successful.


Proof of location.  
Bright Geohasher with blurry freeway lights in the background.  


  • Exploring unknown areas: 40%
  • Overall expedition beauty: 20%
  • Overall expedition creepiness: 70%
  • Sanity level: degraded.