2012-07-15 37 -121

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Sun 15 Jul 2012 in 37,-121:
37.1840800, -121.9890418

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The Lexington Reservoir, off of Old Santa Cruz Highway.



As this is close to my house, Chandru plans to bike there sometime in the afternoon. (Probably should have put this in "Plans." Still new to the site.)

Anyway, so after I found out that the hashpoint was <10 miles (9.9 to be precise) from my home, I had to go. I set out biking down Camden Avenue in San Jose, then it turned into San Tomas Expressway in Campbell. I entered the Los Gatos Creek trail from that road.

Here I reached the Lexington Reservoir. The water has submerged two ghost[1] towns[2] and the old routing for CA-17[3].

After I exited the trail, I turned right on Alma Bridge Road. It ended on Highway 17. There was a small trail. I took that as I didn't want to go against the traffic on the major throughfare between Santa Cruz and SJ. It led to Old Santa Cruz Highway, then there was another trail that branched off of that road.

After going down these tiny, poorly maintained trails (my bike, meant for use in the city mainly, was about to kill me), I saw a small trail that seemed to lead to lake's edge. I locked my bike to a random power line and went down the very steep grade.

When I reached the lake, I had a slight problem. I was expecting the lake to be reasonably easy to wade into. Nope.

The GPS still said I had 30 meters to go. Impossible :(

I did manage to leave my temporary mark on the place...

And also in a good way! I got some Geotrashing done.

I got some nice shots of the area though.

While going back, I elected to avoid some of the trails. The fastest way to do this was to take Old Santa Cruz Highway and actually bike down 17 for a bit. It wasn't that bad though, the shoulder was wide and the freeway had ended (essentially it was a four-lane expressway at this point). Also traffic wasn't moving too fast.


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