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West of -30°: .6508199, .8455931
East of -30°: .9729283, .1433848
Globalhash: 85.127098527653, -128.381478616540 (Nominatim)

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Expeditions and Plans

Sydney, Australia Someone went Barton Street, Kogarah.
Young, Australia Someone went About 100m west of the Muttama Creek crossing of the Hume Highway, with the...
Erfurt, Germany 5h31d0n In a field near Erfurt.
Swindon, United Kingdom Ali0sha, His noble steed The middle of a field near Cottiswood, north of Bicester
London East, United Kingdom Benjw In a recently-ploughed field, just off a footpath, in Clavering, Essex.
Eindhoven, Netherlands Marvyn, Iris Under something with a roof, next to a farm and a couple of big white vehic...
Malmö, Sweden Llavids Knutstorp, near Kågeröd, Skåne, Sweden.

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