2012-11-15 48 8

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Thu 15 Nov 2012 in 48,8:
48.9115158, 8.7640643

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On a way near the Highway Departure Pforzheim-Ost



Taking the S5 Tram to be at the tram station Niefern at 14:55.


At 14:05 I was idly working on a former expedition page, and talking to people in the irc channel. THEN SUDDENLY I'm aware of the time, in 15 minutes the tram will ride off, almost exactly the time I need to go to the station without running.

Hastily I'm packing my stuff, and say goodbye. 10 seconds later I'm back in my room, I forgot to get the coords :D.

Then I'm running to the tram station (running because of Murphy) and waiting bout 5 minutes there, entering the coords. Then starting my tracklog, after over half an hour I'm in Nierfen, because of the Google map I'm taking the only possible way over the river.

At least it was easy to get there, even it looked really different to what I had thought I had seen on Google.

The way back was easier, for now I knew the way.

(I have no proof, but please trust me with the Geotrash achievement, there was a McDonalds on my way)

My favorite moment on the way back home when I heard this song, at 1m 24 sec (should start there): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjvkzSMyq60&t=1m24s





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