2012-12-23 27 -80

From Geohashing
Sun 23 Dec 2012 in Fort Pierce, Florida:
27.5585921, -80.5100048

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The Plan

Just south of the county line west of I-95.

The Geohashers

The Adventure

From Sebring Regional, we took to Fort Pierce. This was our original destination for lunch, but the two of us got hungry early and as it turned out, saved us a bit of time. Landing at Fort Pierce is a little more difficult due to being a higher traffic airport, plus the Tiki Hut there is pretty popular. Eating at a different place means we could get going a little faster.

Unfortunately, that complicated matters in terms of geohashing. See, if the hash is approaching their airspace, we can hit the geohash and continue on to land. If we miss our opportunity, we can get it again. Now, however, we have to stay out. This adds another little issue; Fort Pierce isn't the only high traffic airport around. There's also Vero Beach Municipal Airport to the north, and the geohash was just before them.

Also, to get there requires crossing a military bombing range, but at this point that's so pedestrian I feel like I just wasted your time.

We reached the geohash and hit some turbulence, so the picture came out really blurry. We did a hard turn, then continued into a figure 8 for a slightly better picture. I didn't leave a playing card this time, mainly because there wasn't an airport we were landing at to leave it, and it seems like a waste to leave three in one location. We ended our eastern run to head south to Lake Okeechobee.



Geoff earned the Air geohash achievement
by reaching the (27, -81) geohash on 2012-12-23 by Grumman American.
Geoff earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (27, -80) graticule, here, on 2012-12-23.