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Sun 24 Mar 2013 in 50,-1:
50.9251623, -1.6613839

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Fritham, New Forest

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Having been absent from the sport for some time, I wanted to have another go - and this seemed like an easy one to get my teeth into. The weather is going to be cold but dry; there is a parking area next to a lake about 1km from the hash point; there is a nice-looking pub about 1km from the hash point in the other direction - what more could you ask?


I decided to keep this one to a minimum of time and effort, given the weather. The hash was a 25-minute car journey from my home, and I parked about 1-2km away at Janesmoor pond. I've never seen so many water-filled potholes in a car park before. I think driving to the parking area from the road took almost as long as the journey on the motorway earlier.

It was about 2 degrees C, and there was a moderate breeze - so I had to wrap up pretty warm. Saw a few ponies en route and some interesting scenery.

When I reached the hash point it was clear that I would not get into the field as I had hoped. There was a hedge and a fence... never mind - the GPS read 9m, which I call a win (though I mark it as approximate on my chart). I stood at the roadside and ate a flapjack. At that moment a couple came striding past walking their dogs, and said hello. I think they were a little bemused by my choice of picnic spot!

I had planned to go further on down the road and try out the pub, but I wasn't sure it would be open, so I decided I'd rather get back into the warm and catch up on some sci fi DVDs. Thus, homeward...

My first hash for about three years - wow!


YouTube video report here