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Tue 16 Apr 2013 in 41,-71:
41.7922810, -71.6720159

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One of those dam places back in the woods where you went to drink beer and smoke pot while in high school



Needed to take a day out of work to attend funeral of one of my oldest friends from high school days.

Checked the day's hashpoint after the service - the point is just a hundred feet into the woods near a place we used to go drink beer and smoke pot (way) back in those high school days. It's a fine sunny day, and it's on the way to my mother's house. Time for a celebration of life!


The general location of the hashpoint was very familiar - we drove there from our friend Mark's funeral, had a very peaceful walkabout in beautiful surroundings with the soothing sounds of falling water, then did the GPS dance on the other side of the road - kept losing signal under the trees, but finally got on the exact line of latitude under open sky and paced the distance to the correct longitude. Took some photos, and did some celebrating of life on the spot. It was too early for a beer, but we did pick up the trash from some other's enjoyment of Mark's favorite brand, posed in our formal attire, and wandered on to visit Mom.

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