2014-02-19 49 8

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Wed 19 Feb 2014 in 49,8:
49.9588547, 8.9906130
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In the forest "behind" Babenhausen, very near to the federal road that I would have had to pass that day, hashing or not.




I had an appointment with my aunt and her partner, who was to show me how to properly trim fruit trees (apple, mainly), and the hash lay directly enroute. Plan was to stop, quickly go to the hash point and proceed to target B (my aunt).


As things go, I was rather late and had some trouble fitting the large ladder into the car, so I very quickly abandoned any idea of stopping or detours and saved it for the way back. The hash droid even had a distance of 0.4m flashing up while driving past, so I think this might have qualified for a speedracer achievement- but I don't have proof anyway.

It was good fun and hard work trimming the trees (had been ages...), and when I was done chatting with my aunt and went home, it was already dark and drizzling lightly. There is some kind of industry opposite to this stretch of forest where I could safely park at the sidebank of the road. I then took care of not getting run over while crossing and just had to go two or three meters into the forest and "dance a bit". I had managed to park just 16m off the hash coordinates. Very easy indeed.



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