2014-04-17 50 -1

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2014-04-17 50 -1 01 Macronencer At Hash.jpg
Thu 17 Apr 2014 in 50,-1:
50.8836392, -1.3172655

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Just outside the car park of the Fox and Hounds public house, Bursledon, Southampton, UK.




A pub hash in Bursledon, only 920m from Macronencer's house (he plans to be there at some point tonight, around 8pm). There's a nice ISS pass at about 9pm too... we could watch that if there are any of us there at that time. That gives us an hour to have a beer...


Sorry, this is a pretty boring one. Some people I was hoping to drag along didn't make it, so it was just me. I just took some photos and came home again, given that it was only a short distance away. Yes, it's lazy hashing, but never mind. At least I got one this year! I could have got two achievements for this one if I had cheated a little. The pub geohash was within reach, but who wants to drink alone? Then there was the Geotrash one… but I only picked up a single piece of paper. Didn't feel right to claim the achievement, frankly!




Couch Potato Honorable Mention for a 920m near-miss.