2015-08-22 55 -3

From Geohashing
Sat 22 Aug 2015 in 55,-3:
55.6552329, -3.7231957
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Google Street View approximately from the hashpoint, facing Hyndford Bridge


Near a bus stop East of the South side of Hyndford Bridge, near Lanark.



No plans! Dan was driving South from Edinbugh to Oxford via Lanark (to drop off a passenger at the station).


Quite by coincidence, on account of dropping off his partner's father at Lanark Station, Dan drove across the bridge (shown in the picture above) on the date in question, passing within 24 metres of the hashpoint. Not quite close enough to justify a "find", but close enough to be worth documenting.

How do I know that I (nearly, accidentally) at this geohashpoint, five years later? Here's the secret.