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Mon 21 Sep 2015 in 50,11:
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In a forest near Beutnitz, Thuringia, about 400m from a very recent Geohash.



I just came back from a little holiday without bikes or Geohashes, so I had to make up for both, checked current Hashpoints and luckily today's point was at a very convenient distance for an afterwork ride, though it was very near another Geohash I just saw last month and anyway on a route I see almost every month. Well, just for the sake of being outside... Cycled there directly after work on my little bike, found it without problems and went home then. (There was a bike track going through the meadow directly to the Hash, but no one seems to have been there before me. Ninjas?)


View to the Geohash (see that track going to the trees?).  
Succeeded without even starting the Hashdance!  
View from the Geohash.  
Davey sitting on a tree that's growing very strange beefsteak fungus...