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On a crosswalk in Beliny-Prażmowskiego Street in Kraków.


Malgond and his son.


Malgond plans to be there at meetup hour.


After a long hiatus I am on an expedition again! This one was super easy - just on a pedestrian crossing in my city.

Last Friday before the end of work, while checking the coordinates for the week-end, I have noticed this one. I have decided to go there no matter what; it has been long since I have given up on my not-so-secret vice, for many seamingly valid and rational reasons. Screw that, I have the right to be slightly irrational sometimes! I have printed a map fragment, a street view and the marker, and took them home.

On Saturday afternoon I have annonced to the family that I am going geohashing again and this is it, who wants to come along? The youngest boy was eager to go with his dad no matter where - as always - but the older kids could not be persuaded to have a break in watching Krtek on DVD. It was a rainy day, so they are partly excused. My wife was not impressed as well, she only asked to do some shopping on the way back. So the two geohashers dressed up, took their umbrellas and walked to the car.

We've started at twenty past three. The traffic lights did not like our expedition as well and kept displaying red. Luckily, we got there at eight to hash and parked our car nearby. I had planned to stand near the crosswalk with the printed marker and the map so fellow geohashers would recognize us - but now I have realized that I had left the printouts at home. Bad luck. We got out and went to the crosswalk. We've made a couple of photos of each other crossing. The clock stroke hash. We stood near the crosswalk for some time in hope some geohashers would appear. Suddenly an elderly couple showed up from nowhere, the man looking at his mobile phone while walking; I looked at them and the lady smiled at me. Geohashers? No, they walked past us to the nearby bus stop. Indeed a bus arrived a minute later and they got on. Apparently the man was checking the bus schedule - or just the time - and not the coordinates...

While we were waiting we have spotted a very wet pigeon hopelessly trying to peck at a walnut. Indeed there was a walnut tree growing by the street. We've collected a few walnuts laying on the ground there, I have opened one in half and threw at the bird. It tried to peck at it but could not get at the core. I took another one, crushed it completely under my heel, and threw the pieces towards the pigeon, but it got scared and flew away.

We've waited to a quarter past hash then I called it the meetup and we drove home. Unurion (?) achieved ;-)



Malgond earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (50, 19) geohash on 2015-09-26.
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Malgond earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging his son to the (50, 19) geohash on 2015-09-26.
2015-09-26 50 19 5.jpeg
Malgond earned the No Batteries Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (50, 19) geohash on 2015-09-26.
2015-09-26 50 19 5.jpeg
Malgond earned the xkcd Nullaturion achievement
by attending 1 Saturday meetup.
2015-09-26 50 19 5.jpeg