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Sat 12 Mar 2016 in Cambridge, UK:
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A field adjacent to a lane and a brook, near Harlton, Cambridgeshire.



This is the second of a two-part multihash.

We're planning to be at this hashpoint at around 5pm, having come from the Great Eversden hashpoint, around 2km away, for the traditional 4pm meetup. We'll then go somewhere for tea (to be determined, but likely either La Pergola or The Hare and Hounds depending on consensus).


The Tongs

The sun was setting and we didn’t have long before our evening meal at La Pergola. It was fortunate, then, that this hashpoint was really easy to get to. We had only to park up on Washpit Lane, and walk about 30m into a field to reach the point.

A twisted tree, one of several, marked the very point of the hash. Despite sore legs, T tried to climb the tree, but gave up and went off to investigate an oversized wooden bench nearby. The sky was too dark and the land too swampy for a real photo-opportunity, so we walked back, got in the car, and headed off for food, hoping that they wouldn’t mind three muddy Tongs among their diners for the evening.


Ben was delighted to receive an email from the Tongs asking if he'd like to meet up at today's hashpoint, but unfortunately he was unavoidably detained in the London East graticule for much of the afternoon.

However, Ben was further delighted to notice that today's hashpoint was located directly across the road from a small lay-by where he often sat mid-morning while in the area for work to consume coffee and a sandwich. And by a pleasant coincidence, today was a day he had to be in Harlton, so coffee and a sandwich would almost certainly have happened whether or not the hashpoint was there. Cubicle geohash? Well, the coffee break isn't an obligatory part of my day, so perhaps not a 50-metre award, but going to the house just south of the hashpoint was, so within 300 metres, anyway.

I arrived in the village quite early, and after completing some tasks elsewhere, came up to the hashpoint. It proved to be in a rather squelchy field. I declined to climb over or squeeze through the very prickly hedge between the road and the field, but there was a gate about 30 metres south which provided much easier access. Avoiding the puddles as best I could, I picked my way to the hashpoint, which turned out to be right next to a tree, close to some other smaller trees and a giant bench made of logs. No idea why this was there.

Given the early hour (0850 on a Saturday morning), the only people I saw while here were two joggers who came past up the lane while I was making my way back from the hashpoint. It was a shame I wasn't able to meet the Tongs here, but I'm afraid this was the only time today I was able to make it.



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