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Mon 19 Feb 2018 in 50,11:
50.9482270, 11.6351766

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Just wanted to go home from work, when I found a message from Juja, asking me, if I want to join her on a hash tour. The point was really not far away from home, not only in Jujas scale, so there was no need to find any excuse.

We arranged to meet 20 minutes later at my home to start cycling to the point from there. 20 minutes are not very long. So I quickly went home to get on my bike. No need to look for the camera, Juja will have one. No need to find the GPS device, Juja will have it. I only had to put Räbe into the pocket … but … I forgot.

But for the moment I didn't know about this. So we cycled past the Erlkönig, through the road construction site there and just arrived at Kunitz. You see, it's only one sentence away from my home. We parked our bikes at the edge of the small hill that was the host for today's hashpoint and climbed it up about 100 meters to reach the point. From here we had a view to the suburbia of Jena. Maybe there is anybody living there who knows the story of hashpoints and is not here today? No, what a stupid idea! The only person that was not here today is Räbe. While climbing up the hill I realized that I forgot him, but it was too late to go back. “He for sure is just having a party at home.” Juja told me and so it was up to Davey to pose alone on our hashpoint photos.


Juja searching the 0m shot  
Found it.  
Davey sitting at the point.  
Atypically clean shoes at the Geohash.  
Hash panorama.