2018-08-25 42 -78

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Sat 25 Aug 2018 in 42,-78:
42.3123594, -78.5741791

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Edge of a field, just off Bryant Hill Rd, in the town of Ashford



Looking at the map when the weekend hashes were published, I was certain that this would be behind a Posted sign and nearly dismissed it. However, I was also looking to get the dogs out for a hike over the weekend and I noticed a large State Forest near this hash. I thought about it and decided that this might be a good place to try out and the hash would only be a small detour.

Because I was so sure that this would be a No Trespassing, I decided to stop at the hash first and then use the remaining daylight hours to hike around the hash. That way, I wouldn't have to worry about rushing or timing my hike to get to the hash by 16:00. We arrived at the hash right around 14:00 and found a spot to pull off the road right next to the driveway into the field. I was shocked to see no posted signs so I hopped out but left the dogs in the car since it was on the edge of the road. I wandered around the bushes at the edge of the field to try to get a good reading. Successfully getting a screenshot off the HashDroid app and a few other pictures, we headed to the State forest a few miles away.

There were 2 cars in the grassy 'parking lot', so I just parked on the side of the road by the trail head I found researching this area online. This main trail meandered across the entire State forest ending near a large pond. It was a great hike as the forest changed many times, starting with pines, transitioning to hardwoods, into a vast section that had been logged in the past few years and back to pines. Halfway through, we came across a lean-to shelter for camping (the trail is a part of the Finger Lakes Trail that goes into the middle of New York State). Getting to the end of the main trail, we found another trail that made a loop around another section of the forest. Seeing as I had a few more hours, we decided to continue exploring. No one had been down this trail as I continued to run into spider webs, some quite large. Right near the end of this trail, I came across a guy heading the other way. We said hi and I jokingly said 'Your welcome' for clearing out all the webs on the trail for him.

Getting back to the area by the pond, I came across some apple trees. Feeling hungry, I picked a few and enjoyed the very tart and surprisingly non-wormy apples.

Heading back on the main trail, we found our way back to the car and headed for home totally exhausted. What a great day!



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