2019-08-02 45 -122

From Geohashing
Fri 2 Aug 2019 in 45,-122:
45.2520233, -122.2800189
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Just off of Highway 224, a few miles south of Estacada.



I knew my boss was taking Friday off, and I had some vacation days to kill, so I found myself at a late movie on Thursday night and woke up Friday wondering what the hashpoints would have to say. Having taken a look, I threw some random gear into the car, stopped by the office to do a quick thing, then headed southeast through weird summer sprinkles to Estacada. At the ODOT site across the highway from the hashpoint, I was surprised to see another vehicle already parked. Another geohasher?!? No, of course not.

I made my way across the road and started up the incline. The slope wasn't too bad, but there was moderate undergrowth and brambles, and I was wearing shorts. I went back to the car for long pants, and discovered that long pants were not among the things I'd remembered to pack. So, having got within 33 feet but not willing to let undergrowth rip my flesh in the home graticule, I declared defeat and continued southeast. Eventually I would get to 2019-08-02 45 -120.