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West of -30°: .9307493, .7440315
East of -30°: .9490945, .5768412
Globalhash: 80.837009489842, 27.662824539248 (Nominatim)

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Expeditions and Plans

Buffalo, New York Pedalpusher In the middle of Cayuga Rd, right by the airport
Erfurt, Germany Manu, Reinhard, Pico, Bergie Within natural preserve Windknollen near Jena, Thuringia, Germany.
Paderborn, Germany GeorgDerReisende The hash lay in the Paderborner Straße, near Jahnplatz, in front of the hou...
Neubrandenburg, Germany SastRe.O Karlsburger und Oldenburger Holz, Oldenburg (Züssow), VG, MV, Germany.

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