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Sat 29 Feb 2020 in 50,8:
50.0713524, 8.6336988
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The hash lies in the forest south of Frankfurt am Main. North of S-train station Frankfurt am Main-Stadion and at the eastern fence of a golf court.



Yakamoz, Rincewind and TheOffspring.



I will travel to Frankfurt in the morning and walk to the hash for hash o'clock.


I only checked the coordinates in the morning, considered them to be on the golf club properties (semi-reachable?) and called them. Due to the closeness to the greens, I assumed the first few trees next were still part of the club.

The lady at the reception, Mrs. T., was very friendly and while they are not generally open to the public, she understood the basic concept of our great game and was absolutely willing to help. She offered she would send a staff member escorting us, since there was a lot of traffic on one of the first sunny, warm days in a while.
Since I was in a bit of a hurry because of the football game of my home team starting at 1300hrs, I talked Yakamoz into dressing TheOffspring and herself for the expedition.
I have to admit I even thought about GeorgDerReisende for a second, but didn't have a means of contact anyway and time was tight... (We'll change that, Georg, right?) Still, I assumed, he would also try for the leap day achievement, and I was aware he was already active again.



We drove to the golf club by car, parked outside and went to the reception. Mrs T. was indeed very friendly, asking me about the exact whereabouts and requesting a staff member to drive us there (400m). So we could even be lazy, and staff member Nice Driver shuttled us towards the hash, giving TheOffspring her first golf cart ride. Mine too, I would guess- certainly on a golf course. The OffSpring is hard to impress, but learned the new word "golf" nevertheless.

When we were close, I asked the driver to stop at a gate and used the GPS handheld to close in- and almost immediately found the hash was ~15m outside the fence... No problem, since the driver had a key and let us pass. After doing the hash dance, I easily got a "0m" screenshot. Reading Georg went, I am sorry I didn't even put up a marker or something.

Nice Driver took our "stupid grin" photo and took us back. He also mentioned that from the outside it would be 45minutes to walk at least, so we were definitely lucky to be double-lazy by going the short way and on the cart.
After returning Yakamoz home so TheOffspring would get a much-needed meal and nap, this enabled me arriving at "my" football game just about kick-off. And it was the best game of the season, resulting in a 2:0 win. Double-Yay! :)

I have to explicitly mention the Frankfurter Golfclub for being understanding with us crazy internet people and very willingly helping us. They are a rather posh, elite institution and would absolutely not have needed to. Thank you, Mrs. T. and Nice Driver.


As I was coming from Frankfurt by foot, my planning and going was completely different. At first I found a golf street, then I had to change into a polo place, then I had to walk around a tree farm. But at last I arrived at the gate of the golf court. At the gate was a warning of Flying Golf Balls, but I have never heard of such a species. But with the fence between me and the flying golf balls, I felt safe. My GPS is out of order for a long time, I am always calculating the hashes in steps instead of meters and the hash should have been 32 meters north of the gate and 2.8 meters to the east, that are 40 steps along the fence and 3 1/2 steps to the east. Instead of counting all the way I measured the distance between two fenceposts in steps (4 1/2), which meant nine fenceposts to the north to go. I found me there near a twin tree and I calculated that the hash was in 3/4 from the fence and 1/4 from the tree. I wrote a mark onto the tree. While I was waiting there, I looked around. And I found a dead Flying Golf Ball on the ground between the leaves. While birds are enringed, the dead Flying Golf Ball was enprinted. Then I wanted to wait some more time, but a heavy rain and storm started and I didn't wanted to wait there any longer and walked to the S-train station. And I was very wet as I arrived there.






by leaping to the hash point on leap day of the year 2020.
Yakamoz, Rincewind and TheOffspring earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission from Frankfurter Golfclub to access the (50, 8) geohash on 2020-02-29.

Also there were trees, indicating that

Yakamoz, Rincewind and TheOffspring earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (50, 8) geohash on 2020-02-29.
GeorgDerReisende earned the xkcd Sextaginturion achievement
by attending 60 Saturday meetups.