2020-03-18 40 -78

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Wed 18 Mar 2020 in 40,-78:
40.0127992, -78.2342375

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Just off Breezewood Rd, north of the town of Breezewood



I spent the night at a friends house again in Maryland after a long weekend visiting my brother in North Carolina. Knowing I had about 8 hours of driving ahead of me, I got on the road early, around 08:30. After getting past Washington DC, I pulled off the highway at a small town to see what the hashes for the day would look like. Finding a small college, I pulled into one of their parking lots, but was frustrated when I barely had a phone signal. Driving toward what I thought was the direction of the town, I found a gas station where I had a better signal. Exploring the Graticules around me and on the way home, I found this hash just off the side of the road, but that was about it. Since it was relatively in the right direction, I didn't think much of it, just plugged it into the Google maps and started on my way.

As Google was reading off my turns, I looked at my directions and realized that this hash was literally about a mile off my route home. I would normally take I-70 N to the end and then get on 30 W, but this was just North of my turn! How easy! I found my way there without any trouble and drove up the winding road. Breezewood Road is very narrow and either has a ditch on the side or no place to pull off. Fortunately, getting to the hash area was a field and there was a small flat area where I managed to park. I hopped out and walked over to the hash, expecting to need to scramble up the very steep but short rocky slope and a few steps into the (unposted) woods. However, as I walked up, I got a very close reading on the HashDroid app at the edge of the road. Sweet! Taking a couple pictures, I made my way back to the car and back into town.

I stopped at a gas station for a minute and realized I didn't know exactly what Graticule I was in, but I knew the Virgin Altoona Graticule would be close. After some searching on the site, I found I was, in fact, in the Altoona Graticule. Woo! Not only is this a new graticule, but I get to add another Virgin Ribbon to my page.

Unfortunately, yesterday's hash with my brother in NC was unsuccessful, but this still turned into the start of a Consecutive hash. Tomorrow's hash, back in Buffalo, can be found here.



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