2021-05-28 40 -79

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Fri 28 May 2021 in 40,-79:
40.8027918, -79.9749452

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On the Edge of the Creek Road Natural Area near Renfrew, PA



On our way down to Pittsburgh for a long holiday weekend, I convinced the girlfriend to stop on the way as this did not appear to be too far out of the way. I wasn't sure what we would find or if we would even be able to pull off the road and park, but she was willing to find out!

The drive down was uneventful, but it was raining the whole time and she wasn't sure if she wanted to join me on the last leg. I navigated us to the final turn and going by the auto-scrapyard, the road was still asphalt. However, once we turned to go along the creek, it turned into a dirt road. It wasn't too covered in potholes or very muddy so we continued in her little car. As we got closer to the hash, we saw a few places where you could pull off (required, because this was really a one lane road). Getting as close as we could on the road, we pulled off into a firm and large spot. Because it was still raining, she decided to wait for me in the car while I went on a quick adventure.

Finding a spot to enter the woods a little way up the road, I started heading for the hash and of course found that it would be at the top of a moderately steep hill (as always). I found a well worn path for a short while, but it was heading in the wrong direction so I broke off that pretty quickly and continued uphill. Halfway up, I started encountering a lot of large moss covered rocks and some giant boulders here and there. Crossing over a very old (presumably) logging road, I spooked a deer that bounded away from me through the woods.

Slightly winded as I neared the top of the hill, I was able to locate the geohash on the HashDroid app and get a couple pictures. Not only is this a new Graticule for me (and the first expedition here since 2008), but I also was able to complete my Minesweeper for the St. Mary's, PA Graticule.

I'm glad she didn't come with me for this because she would have hated it, especially in the rain. Getting back to the car, I also found a tick on me which I was able to kill. The rest of the drive was easy and we stopped for a late lunch when we arrived. The Baseball game that evening was cancelled due to all the rain, but we still had a great trip with a cycling tour of downtown, and a brewery tour on Sunday. Overall, a great weekend!

I was really hoping to get a good hash for the Pittsburgh (West) graticule as that's still Virgin, but unfortunately, there was nothing obviously reachable or close for the rest of the weekend. Funny enough, it was suggested to us to visit the Moraine State Park area on the way home for some good hiking and on 2021-06-04, the hash landed there. I half considered it, but being 170 miles and 3 hours of driving away (one way) I wasn't very serious about it and didn't go. Maybe if the surrounding graticules also have clearly accessible hashes for a multi-expedition one of these days, but it's just not worth it for a single hash.



This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (40, -79) geohash on 2021-05-28.
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