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West of -30°: .3170765, .9377132
East of -30°: .8849309, .6040319
Globalhash: 69.287554119022, 37.451500908574 (Nominatim)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Kaiserslautern, Germany Rincewind, Mampfred Deep in the woods of 49,7.
Mannheim, Germany GeorgDerReisende, Mampfred, Rincewind, Lyrla The hash lies beside the old railway line Riedbahn in Weiterstadt.
Würzburg, Germany Rincewind, Mampfred In the woods behind some houses in Karbach.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany Someone went We never attempted thi hash, however, the planning led to a triple-hash roa...

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