2020-09-24 49 8

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Thu 24 Sep 2020 in 49,8:
49.8849309, 8.6040319
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The hash lies beside the old railway line Riedbahn in Weiterstadt.




I will leave Kassel with the Regionalexpress at 8:23, which means an arrival time of 12:00 at the hash.

Rincewind and Mampfred

This will be the third stop on our tour:

Multihash x 3: Kaiserslautern, Würzburg, Darmstadt


Rincewind and Mampfred

Coming from the previous hash and having texted with GeorgDerReisende earlier we knew that he was already nearby when we arrived and he was pretty much the first thing we saw when we parked the car.

We chatted for a while and then went to find the hash together which was located a little into the bushes in front of a little underpass.

In the meantime Mampfred also got word from Lyrla who was also approaching the hash by bike. Unfortunately the timing was a little off and the group had to wait around for a little while and unfortunately Rincewind couldn't stay long enough. But the rest of the group then had another meetup at the hash before they finally went back their separate ways.


I left home in the morning as planned and got the Regionalexpress leaving Kassel at 8:23. Sitting in the train suddenly I got a SMS „Good morning, Mampfred here, we are on the road for 49 7, are you on the run?“ I was a little bit worried, because I had to be on this train and nowhere else for this meetup. I answered, yes, I am there. At 10:51 I got a SMS, that they have taken 49 7, and they asked me, if I would like to take part at 49 9. But I wanted to walk around Darmstadt, like I always do on places like this to have a look to the places around. After a SMS of confirmation I got the last one at 13:19, that they have made their second meetup and proposed the meetup time for around 15:00. I agreed and walked around in Darmstadt further. As the time was coming, I went to the bus stop and took the bus to Weiterstadt, where I arrived at 14:55. I ran to the hash, when I heard a shout behind me and for me and Rincewind and Mampfred were coming along. There we went to the hash and Rincewind and Mampfred jumped into the bushes to find the hash. We all recorded proof, we talked a bit. Then we wanted to wait for Lyrla and we looked for some coffee, but all sites around were closed. Then Rincewind left the meetup for another appointment, and Mampfred and I waited for Lyrla. At the preparation for my expedition I found a note about a geocache about 20 meters from the hash and we looked for it, but it was a premium one, and both of us hadn't the exact information about the location. Mampfred found in the internet an information about something „magnetic“, but there was nothing with metal around. Until Lyrla arrived we searched the whole area, but no cache showed up. Then Lyrla arrived, he prooved the hash, then we talked again a little, Lyrla looked himself for the geocache but didn't find it too. Then we looked for our mode of transportation and we left the place, Lyrla by bike, Mampfred by car, I by bus.

Later at home I looked for railway fan pages in the internet and found one. And there is the connection between the geocache and the hash. Look at my last photo with Lyrla. On the left side on the ground is some concrete pattern. This was the foundation of a railway signal, and until some time in the past, there was the remainder of a signal and I found a photo with this remainder: https://www.walter-kuhl.de/riedbahn/erkundung/pallaswiesen.htm , „Bild 5“. May be, that there was the hide of the geocache, something magnetic on metal.




Group shots were taken by GeorgDerReisende so we're looking forward to seeing those here :)



Rincewind and Mampfred earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching 3 hash points on 2020-09-24. It's a Triple Hash.
GeorgDerReisende and Rincewind earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting eachother at the (49, 8) geohash on 2020-09-24.
GeorgDerReisende and Lyrla earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting eachother at the (49, 8) geohash on 2020-09-24.